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I’m Terry Lee -- a Mom, Photographic Artist, Greeting Card Publisher and owner of Lovesome Images Portrait Design Studio. I help bring stillness and gratitude to life's never-ending movement with photography, products and inspiration that celebrate our stories of life, love, connection, and meaningful relationships. It's time for you to *stop that train* ... connect with your loved ones and get the photos of your dreams. If you need professional photos of your children or personal brand, and your style is classic, easy and fun -- let’s do this!

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Terry Lee's talent in capturing our little one is breathtaking.

a wonderful experience

a wonderful experience

-Tallulah Rojas

these cards are amazing!

Does it make you crazy to shop for what seems like forever to find the right greeting card? ... too cute, too mushy, too inappropriate, too much, too loooong??? Me too!!


Sending Love ... is a refreshing greeting card collection combining artistic lifestyle photography with perfect sentiments sending messages of love, gratitude, forgiveness and compassion -- for all occasions. Words that inspire, get straight to the heart and make you laugh -- helping you to stay connected with your family and friends.


Creating this card collection with my photography and my obsession with quotes to somehow make a difference in the world haunted my daydreams for a long time.


My friend, Scarlett Lewis, lost her 6 year old son, Jesse, in the tragic school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. OK *deep breath* ... True story ... Jesse left a 6 year old's misspelled message on their kitchen chalkboard "Norturing, helinn, Love >>> Nurturing, Healing, Love. This was the message he left for his family shortly before he died. Scarlett made it her mission in life to bring her son's message to the world. She realized it was an angry thought that caused the tragedy and what suddenly occurred to her is that an angry thought ... can be changed! This powerful yet simple *choice* is the foundation of her movement for a Social and Emotional Learning program teaching children in schools, families, and communities around the world to choose love in any circumstance ... "you can't always choose what happens to you, but you can always respond with love."


*lightbulb moment* ... time to make these cards a reality.

Note to self: Don't quit your daydream!


With every product you purchase you're part of the solution supporting the well being and safety of children all around the world. We donate a portion of our profits to:


Find ready to order limited edition fine art prints at the shop, too. They'll compliment your space and make you do a happy dance!


"Now more than ever, we must create safe school learning environments where children feel secure, where they're nurtured, where they're empowered and where they can thrive."








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