a little about me

Most days you can find me ...


in my home office. Shooting photos on location or in my photography studio in Charlestown, Rhode Island. Creating greeting cards designs. Painting. Practicing yoga. Walking the beach. Connecting with friends. Traveling the open road with my dreamboat of a husband.

I am mostly known for ...


my big heart.


People often refer to me as ...


Shane’s mom. Jackson’s mom.

Mrs. Cafferty. TLC : )


I love serving the world by ...


doing creative work that inspires me, positively impacts others, and connects people with one another.

Volunteering for the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement and photographing children with life threatening illnesses for Flashes of Hope.


What lights me up ...


The moment my husband or 2 sons walk in the room. The way my dog looks at me. Meaningful conversations. Making art with meaning and purpose. Music. Dancing. Meditation. Getting lost in a great book. Children. The beauty of nature. Flowers. Belly Laughs. Starry nights. Connecting people. The idea of a world where no child ever has to go to bed scared or hungry. And, yes ... I am completely obsessed with skincare and finding that perfect color lipstick or pair of shoes ...

-- yep, you read that right! Lipstick ... and shoes (it's a problem.)

As a photographer ...


I've been featured in Leanin' Tree Publishing, CBS music video stills, film stills, Sony Records album cover art, Newport Art Museum, Beauty & Lifestyle Mommy Parent’s Choice Awards, NAPCP, The Strive Group, People Magazine, Silverbox Creative Studio, The Revelation Project, the Field of Artisans curated collection with All That Matters Yoga Studio and RI Blogger



fall in


with your life



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