{Rhode Island Child Photographer | Lovesome Images Portrait Design Studio} Stop the Presses! We have the beginning of a Legacy Wall!!

Slap me 5!

I’m so excited to share with you the first layer of my personal Visual Legacy Wall!!!  It’s a great start to this wall being my own family’s history in one place.  Although it’s taken me this long to finally get it up  (you know how work and life get in the way???), I can tell you that it is something that we absolutely LOVE every time we walk by and get to look at it.  My boys are lovin’  it, too.   There are people in these images who walk the earth with us, some not with us anymore, but who came before us, share our history and connect us to our past & present.

This is the gift that portrait photography gives us.

I’m so happy these images are not in a drawer or a box or on a disc anymore.

When you decide to hire a professional photographer to photograph you, your babies & children, your family, your pregnancy, your wedding, your milestones… this is why.

This is absolutely why.

Every time I see these photographs, it validates how important they are because of their historical value.

OK, so we started with these essential portraits that were already archived (thankfully) but simply needed copying and/or custom framing.

As you can see, I’ve started with one line, but the plan is to make use of the upper and lower sections of the wall until it’s filled.

This has to be one of my favorite photos of all time.

My parents’ wedding portrait – I had it copied and scanned for my four siblings so that we can all have one. I love this about the beauty of technology and the digital age!

Isn’t is gorgeous???



This is the line to the right of the wall … my baby photos (ha!), my hub’s parents’ amazing wedding portrait and another one of my very favorite photos of all time … his family in front of their beach house … it makes me giddy every time I look at it!




Here it is a little closer … crazy cuteness right there!!




These portraits are pivotal moments in time … Mom’s wedding portrait, Dad’s navy portrait, their engagement portrait …




Oh. My. Heart.




The next phase is in progress and that will include our wedding portrait being framed, more historical portraiture of other family members that have been retouched, scanned and are on their way to being printed and framed.

I still have to get together with the rest of my siblings to see what is in the archives that may or may not be included on the wall.

The rest will be put into scrapbooks which is another whole project!!  Yowza!

Then we move on to the present day collection of us and our boys.

Life is speeding by …

It’s so important to document life in a tangible, archival way so future generations can connect the dots.

Let us help you build your family’s legacy.

You’ll be sooooo glad you did!

Thanks for sharing this journey with me.

I hope you’ll share yours when you’re ready to stop the clock for a moment and schedule a portrait session.

We can help you with scanning, printing and framing, too.

Call to schedule your appointment soon!




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